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Documentary Photography

I decided to write a short blog post about what I value as a documentary photographer. My passion and work revolves around the art of recording and capturing events and the landscape during the period of time in which I exist. I am not concerned with labels but generally documentary photography refers to the chronicle of events and environments both significant and relevant to history and everyday life. Significance, like the photograph itself, is subjective, and often the importance or relevance of an image is only seen with hindsight.

As a working photographer who earns a living through the medium, I undertake commissions in this documentary style and chronicle events, architecture and the built environment for briefs that illustrate a published narrative. Aside from this I create personal work that is to me both important and enjoyable. A very small selection is viewable on this website for ease of use and I hope to create an archive of my work in the future.

I have learnt throughout my career that it is of the upmost importance to stay true to one's own vision and not be swayed by trends or expectation, which are fickle and fleeting. Staying true to one's own vision and producing work with commitment and integrity is paramount to me.

Photograph ©Lucy Millson-Watkins

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