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I often get asked what my photographs are used for and where they end up, so I thought I would cover this in a blog post. When I undertake a creative brief with a client, one of the first questions I ask is what the key objectives of the photographs are and where they will likely be used. This gives me an idea of the format and aspect required as photographs are often needed to promote services, illustrate editorial, document an event or gain press coverage, and it useful to know what medium they will end up in.

This will often require different resolutions to be delivered and if text is to be used around the image, I will always bear this in mind when composing. A lot of my heritage and architectural work is also in archive as it documents a specific period in history, and buildings and landscapes that already no longer exist. This post shows just a very small example of where my images have been used in the press, both in paper and online.

Scanned images and screenshots

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