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When I first discovered and fell in love with photography as a child, everything I shot was on film. I'm sure most of us remember the excitement of getting our prints back from the lab to see what was taken and what images had worked. Now photography is primarily digital, which definitely has its advantages, I sometimes miss the tangible silver print. Although I do still print photographs for exhibition and portfolios on C-type and inkjet papers, there is something nostalgic and beautiful about an instant photographic print. It cannot be photoshopped or corrected in any way and as the film is rather more expensive, it truly captures a rare and decisive moment.

Some time ago I bought a Polaroid 635CL made in the 1980's on eBay and loved being able to produce instant prints with Impossible Project film. This Christmas I received a Fujifilm instax mini 70 and another way to create instant miniature prints. I love both of these cameras and continue to shoot in this format on occasion, always for personal work and enjoyment, I especially love photographing special people in my life.

Photographs: ©Lucy Millson-Watkins

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